One of our waveform analysing scopes.
All makes of car catered for.
We are able to offer a complete performance health check on your vehicle as part of a routine service and after any electrical or mechanical repairs.
Performance and emission analysis for better fuel economy and meeting MOT exhaust polluton standards.
An extensive range of software based performance analysis tools help us to quickly identify any deficiencies within the vehicles onboard computer control systems, sensors and actuators.
Engine Ignition.
Fuel Injection.
Transmission Efficiency.
Exhaust Emissions.
We will provide printouts of analysis data and graphs where appropriate.
We always keep our customers fully informed with progress during your vehicles visit..
We use Pico Technologies analytical software tools.
Pico Technology is just one of many Hi-tech companies who's analytical diagnostic equipment we use.
We are supported by dealer independant diagnostic equipment manufacturers.

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